A single owner/operator making handmade paper from recycled and waste materials.

This all started one summer when I got bored and found a "How to" article about making paper. Soon enough, the fresh sheets started taking over my shelves. I hated to see them recycled just when they had been given a rebirth into new sheets of paper, and I couldn't use them quickly enough by myself. I started this Etsy shop thinking maybe someone, somewhere would have a use for them.

Well, it's been a few years and a LOT has changed, but I still love making paper just as much as when it was just a hobby in my basement. Now White Dragon Paper has become a major source for high quality handmade papers for both US and international artists, writers, Do It Yourselfers, and crafters. I cater to both the small-batch crafter or artist and to the large-scale printer or designer that needs a steady wholesale supplier to continue their work. White Dragon Paper prides itself on using recycled, eco friendly fiber and reducing the amount of paper waste that goes into landfills each year.

I personally, and White Dragon Paper as a business entity, are dedicated to giving back to the community by volunteering, donating time, supplies, or money as able/needed, and by supporting other small businesses and local artists.

Making paper is a meditative process for me. There's something very relaxing to the simple, repetitive movement. The end result of having a crisp, clean sheet of paper opens endless possibilities. Anything that may have been upsetting or stressful before just melts away after I open up a whole world of opportunities with that one simple sheet of paper.

Currently I am based in Ashland, Wisconsin USA